He is a highly organized, enthusiastic and motivated person with a passion for Engineering, filmmaking, fashion, beauty, portrait and a good eye for composition and detail. While studying for his bachelor degree in construction and structural Engineering, he has worked as a freelance graphic designer, photographer and filmmaker on a number of projects in his free time.

Born on April 23, 1987, Heerlen, The Netherlands, Mark moved when he was five years old to Aruba. In 2005 he moved back to the Nederland’s to continue his education in Engineering. While studying electrical engineering he started in 2006 learning Photoshop in his free time and started doing graphics designs as a freelancer. After 3 years of doing freelance work as a graphics designer Mark bought in 2009 his first DSLR camera. He started taking photographs of landscapes, on event and of models. During this time he realized that he had a passion for photography. Mixing his knowledge of graphic design and photography, he created a unique style of photography that made his work famous in the Dutch modeling community. With a thirst for adventure and a unique creative vision, Mark is well known for pulling crazy outside the box ideas.

Working as a freelancer has enabled him to develop not only his photography skills using different styles and techniques for different other projects; it has also developed his ability to quickly adapt to varying work conditions and personality types, work quickly and efficiently, extremely increase his Photoshop techniques and deliver high quality graphics designs and photographs within tight timeframes.

Mark has worked with many models, artist and professional athletes. He has taken photographs for everything from music video shoots to weddings and studios, magazines, and personal use.

At this moment, Mark is still doing photographs for many recognized brands and international talents and is taking courses to become what he always wanted to be; a Filmmaker!

You can follow his work on Instagram (@marktevin297), Twitter (@marktevin) and Facebook (/